Build a deck without covering the basement window

Don’t construct a deck up against the house if it will block the view of a basement window

Build your deck away from the house, with a connecting link to the house and you can avoid covering up any basement windows located beneath the deck.

The deck in this article was designed and constructed by the author, a Licensed Structural Professional Engineer.

The primary objective of constructing the deck away from the basement window was to avoid covering up a basement window, which provided outside light into the basement, a view of the back yard and a means of emergency egress from the basement.

Locating the deck away from the house also made room to enlarge the area well around the basement window and add flower beds constructed of tiered landscape timbers.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, enlarging the window well increased the amount of light into the basement and the accessibility in and out of the window in excess of what was provided by the original window well.

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